Altitude Sickness

Altitude Sickness Tablets

As part of our travel services, Murrays Chemist in Harrow can prescribe altitude sickness tablets that help to prevent getting ill at high altitudes.

What is altitude sickness?

Altitude sickness happens when you climb or travel to more than 2500 metres (8000 feet) above sea level over a short period of time.

Above this height, the oxygen content in the air gets thinner. As a result, your body has to work harder to get enough oxygen. Sometimes, this can cause headaches, dizziness or blurred vision and this is known as altitude sickness. The exact causes of altitude sickness remain unclear, however.Altitude Sickness Tablets Harrow Wembley Murrays Chemist

There are three types of altitude sickness including life-threatening conditions:

  • Acute mountain sickness (AMS) is when you get headaches and dizziness but also tiredness and problems sleeping.
  • High-altitude cerebral oedema is a swelling of the brain
  • High-altitude pulmonary oedema is a build-up of fluid in the lungs

If you develop any of these you should stop your ascent to rest. If you don’t get better you will need to descend to lower altitudes to recover.

Altitude sickness can affect anyone regardless of age, gender or fitness levels.

How do altitude sickness tablets work?

Altitude sickness tablets work by helping to prevent fluid build-up in organs. Plus it can help speed up acclimatising to higher altitudes.

Altitude medication should not be taken as a substitute for slower ascents as you can still develop AMS even when taking them. The best way to avoid altitude sickness is by making slower ascents and following the advice of your travel guide.

Should I buy altitude sickness tablets?

Altitude medication can be purchased if a slower ascent is unavoidable. They can be taken at lower altitudes in case of side effects before beginning your ascent. Your pharmacist will be able to give you advice on taking this medication.

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