Fungal Skin Infections

Fungal Skin Infections

Fungal skin infections occur in skin folds such as in the groin, armpit or under the breast. Don’t worry – it’s rarely serious – but it can be uncomfortable and sore. Come to Murrays Chemist in Harrow for fungal skin infection treatment.

What is a fungal skin infection?Fungal Skin Infection Treatment Harrow Wembley Murrays Chemist

The warm and sweaty conditions inside the folds of your skin are the perfect environment for fungi to grow. We all carry the fungi on our skin but moist environments allow the fungi to multiple causing an infection.

Fungal skin infections can cause:

  • red or scaly skin
  • Itchy sore rashes
  • Or a white/yellow curd-like substance over the infected skin

People with diabetes or problems with their immune systems are more at risk of fungal infections. If you experience repeated bouts you should see your GP.

What fungal skin infection treatments can I use?

The first thing to do is to look after your skin by keeping the area clean and dry, preferably using a separate towel to prevent spreading the infection. You can also wear loose, lightweight cotton clothing and avoid synthetic fibres or wool.

There are several treatments you can buy for fungal skin infections. A visit to Murrays Pharmacy in Harrow will allow us to help you choose the right treatment option for you.

The pharmacists may recommend a simple antifungal treatment. However, if your condition is particularly inflamed, a steroid cream might be advised too.

If your itchy skin is not fungal, the pharmacist may refer you to your GP.

Come to Murrays Chemist for Fungal Skin Infection Treatment

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