Piles and Haemorrhoids Treatment

Piles (Haemorrhoids)

Piles are uncomfortable and embarrassing but they are many remedies to treat this painful condition. Come to Murrays Chemist in Harrow where we offer several different piles treatment options.

What are Piles?Piles Haemorrhoids Treatment Harrow Wembley Edgware Murrays Chemist

Piles, or haemorrhoids, are swollen blood vessels from inside your anus. Sometimes, these swollen vessels remain inside your anus but sometimes they can hang down on the outside.

It’s not clear what why this happens to the blood vessels but they can be caused by:

  • Constipation
  • Straining when pooing
  • Pregnancy
  • Heavy lifting

The symptoms of haemorrhoids include:

  • Itchy or tender anus
  • Fresh red blood when pooing or wiping afterwards
  • Lumps around your anus
  • Feeling like you need to do a poo even if you’ve just been
  • Painful to sit down

What treatments are available for Piles?

For most cases of haemorrhoids, the piles normally go away on their own and do not indicate anything serious. However, waiting for the blood vessels to shrink or retract back inside your anus can be uncomfortable and painful. So, there are many things you can do to ease your discomfort:

  • Drink lots of water and eats lots of fibre
  • Use damp toilet paper when wiping
  • Take paracetamol for the pain (not ibuprofen)
  • Take a warm bath
  • Apply an ice pack to relieve the discomfort
  • Gently push the lumps back inside your anus (if external)
  • Keep your bottom clean and dry

Medication is also available to help treat haemorrhoids, such as creams to reduce swelling, itching and pain plus stool softeners to treat any constipation.

However, stronger medication is available on prescription from your pharmacist.

How to get piles treatment in Harrow

Murrays Chemist in Harrow offers a Piles (Haemorrhoids) Treatment consultation appointment where you can access piles treatment that isn’t available over the counter. Use the booking calendar below to book yourself in for a consultation, or get in touch with us today.

You will have a brief conversation with our pharmacist in our private consultation room which should take no more than 10 minutes. We are able to offer a combi steroid and anaesthetic ointment or suppositories that will help treat your haemorrhoids.